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LGM Engineering India Pvt Ltd
The Company

LGM Engineering India Pvt Ltd diverse and complementary expertise of the combined resources of the LGM Group and its regional affiliates allows it to offer to its clients a wide range of services spanning from technical publication, to turnkey studies, to the monitoring of industrial project management of entire systems, to the development of digital tools.

The Strategy

LGM Engineering India Pvt Ltd’s strategy aims at providing its European customers with a comprehensive and cost effective approach to the activities listed above. It also thrives to help them dealing with their problematics related to offsets, providing them with the required support to success in sending activity to India thanks to robust and proven processes.

LGM Engineering India Pvt Ltd also aims at providing local partners with the expertise of the Group to help them developing or improving their processes in India. Expertise which was acquired over many years of experience working along with major actors of the industrial and military sectors.

Thanks to this strategic placement, LGM Engineering India Pvt Ltd engineers and technicians are able to provide the most advanced methods and technologies in all the projects entrusted to them.

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